Things I would do if I had a boyfriend

6 Jul

1. Have a boyfriend

2. Makeout in front of a funeral home

3. Fix my bottom sheet

4. Perform eyebrow maintenance

5. Sleep less

6. Be convinced to eat sushi

7. Hide my Internet persona

8. Work on looking sexy while eating pizza

9. Work on sounding sexy on the phone

10. Work on being sexy overall

11. Take the giant stuffed panda off my bed

12. Not cheat on my boyfriend

13. Buy a new toothbrush

14. Be aware of garlic consumption

15. Continue not to exercise

16. Hide Glee Project fandom

17. Wear pants

18. Stop talking about serial killers

19. Stop being a serial killer

20. Listen to “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber and totally relate

This song is good.

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