Things that bother me

10 Jul

1. People blowing their nose

2. When my brother eats ice cream with a fork

3. Antidepressant ads

4. The jingle “like a good neighbor State Farm is there”

5. When people say they hate fake people

6. My mom’s dog

7. Karmin’s “Brokenhearted”

8. Loud repetitive noises

9. When people chew loudly

10. The sound of people eating ramen

11. The smell of ramen

12. People complaining that One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” is sexist. Great song.

13. Losing a bidding battle on eBay

14. When people are funnier than me

15. Watching an entire episode of Law & Order: SVU I’ve already seen

16. People on crutches

17. The ‘before’ pictures on Proactiv ads

18. Every celebrity spokesperson for weightloss ads except Jennifer Hudson

19. When people I want to eaves drop on aren’t speaking English

20. Inanimate objects shaped like animals

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