2 random words and their Google image result

11 Jul

What I searched: Coolant Hickey

What I got: Bernard Hickey

What I searched: Flotsam Sassafras

What I got: Man with buoys

What I searched: Overachiever Chattiness

What I got: Asian sisters with a severe attractiveness discrepancy

What I searched: Bestiary Fruitlessness

What I got: One monkey enjoying fine fruit and the other injecting himself with blood?

What I searched: Bloodsucker Snuffers

What I got: Cherry bomb #75

What I searched: Zing Sitcom

What I got: This gangsta. He’s the real deal.

What I searched: Mahatma Arctic

What I got: Al Gore’s Jet -Fueled Barbecue Grill, Carbon Bigfoot. 

What I searched: Vinaigrette Lambskin

What I got: Asian in green

What I searched: Ti Matricide

What I got: Goofy kid with big ears he’ll be self conscious about through high school. 

What I searched: Strongbox Misogynist

What I got: Ashton Kutcher, an alleged strongbox misogynist

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