What road signs REALLY mean

13 Jul

1. Please don’t photograph me from the side.

2. Herbie Fully Loaded

3. I will literally ruin your car so back the fuck off

4.  If you drive alone, you might skid for a second but it’s like chill.

5. Recycle

6. I’m sorry, but this is 2012, you can’t just explicitly call people “flaggers.”

7. Magician ahead

8. Slightly above average but totally manageable

9. I was at least 47% sure LUG meant “lesbian until graduation”

10. Dancing truck and rainbow crossing

11.  Don’t turn. There is a 1000% chance you will get pulled over.

12. Full bush?

13. Bike without biker defies laws of physics.

14. I mean, it’s a little kinkier than what I’m used to but you gotta try everything once.

15. Sand

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