Admirable attributes of people who aren’t well-liked

15 Jul

1. Redfoo from LMFAO

Admirable attributes: Hair is pretty good, can sort of pull off those glasses, has friends

2. Oscar the Grouch

Admirable attributes: DTF

3. Tom Cruise

Admirable attributes: owns a tie and probably a tuxedo too but I can’t say for sure.

4. Miley Cyrus

Admirable attributes: can pull off veneers, is more famous than her father, “Party in the USA,” smokes legal hallucinogens

5. Pitbull

Admirable attributes: usually wears sunglasses, can pull of sunglasses well, sleeps with women

6. Flo from Progressive

Admirable attributes: has a job

7. The Grinch

Admirable attributes: doesn’t have a penis but is a man, abnormally large heart by the end

8. Matt LeBlanc

Admirable attributes: “Hey, it’s Joey Tribbiani!”

9. Joey Tribbiani

Admirable attributes: successful actor, is kind of like Pitbull in that he sleeps with women, friends with Rachel

10. Kid Rock

Admirable attributes: has touched parts of Pamela Anderson, “Bawitdaba” was nominated for two Grammy’s, has Wikipedia page with picture

11. Every high school principal

Admirable attributes: this guy is the shit, allowed to punish kids, can ruin lives

12. Executioner of Mary, Queen of Scots

Admirable attributes: probably very influential, has a job like Flo

13. Lil Kim

Admirable attributes: pasties, boobs

14. Ke$ha

Admirable attributes: famous, makes out regularly

15. Steve from Blues Clues

Admirable attributes: not a hipster, is very lonely, might be a hipster?

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