Things I did today 2

15 Jul

1. Applied for a job that pays 15,000 dollars a year

2. Went to Dunkin Donuts and watched people make out

3. Assembled IKEA furniture

4. Blogged about Joey Tribbiani

5. Ate key lime pie

6. Walked

7. Ate a Vietnamese sandwich

8. Drank enough water

9. Tweeted about “breast meat”

10. Have an attractive, shirtless, 6 foot tall black man tell me there was something on my face

11. Gave him a dollar for also being an amazing dancer

12. Tried to flirt with a different stranger by talking about singing midgets

13. That didn’t work

This picture of Fiona Apple with an octopus (squid?) on her head

14. Sat

15. Heard Jessie J’s “Domino” in a Vietnamese sandwich shop

16. Didn’t cry

17. Ate a stale cookie

The Google image results for “stale cookie” are weird.

18. Stared at cute Asian children on the subway

19. Thought about whether I was supposed to say “hung” or “hanged”

There is an instrument called a “hang”

20. Said “hanged” instead of “hung”

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