A pro and a con of things

17 Jul

1. Talk therapy

Pro: it is the best

Con: 167 hours of my week is not spent in talk therapy

2. Owning an iPhone

Pro: good quality pictures

Con: poor quality in person interactions

3. Target

Pro: good logo

Con: is Walmart

4. Public transportation

Pro: convenient

Con: public

5. Bing.com

Pro: I don’t know I’ve never used it

Con: I don’t know I’ve never used it

6. Facebook

Pro: good way to keep in touch with people

Con: good way for people to keep in touch with me

7. Presents

Pro: presents!

Con: Santa isn’t real

8. A job

Pro: office romance

Con: filing/filing cabinets

9. Long John Silver’s

Pro: shrimp!

Con: shrimp?

10. New Jersey Turnpike

Pro: relatively clean

Con: you’re all expecting me to say New Jersey!!!

11. Weddings

Pro: champagne

Con: marriage

12. Russia

Pro: big

Con: 90% of Russia

13. IKEA

Pro: big enough toilet to throw up in

Con: there might be toddlers there

14. ChristianMingle.com

Pro: many blonde men

Con: all of my pick-up lines only work on Jews

15. The flu

Pro: stay home from school or work!

Con: I don’t go to school or have a job

16. Zebras

Pro: word that starts with a ‘Z’

Con: conceited horse

17. Razor scooters

Pro: Ages 7-13

Con: Ages 45+

18. Reading

Pro: makes you smarter

Con: inefficient workout

19. DirectTV

Pro: –

Con: doesn’t respect my lifestyle choices

20. Legally Blonde

Pro: dogs are in the movie

Con: it’s a chihuahua

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