Google image results for “walrus” + ingredients of Bobby Flay tagine

17 Jul

I will be using a Bobby Flay tagine recipe, “Chicken and Chickpea Tagine with Apricots and Harissa Sauce”.


What I searched: “walrus canola oil”

What I got: large Cheez-It employee carving Mount Rushmore out of cheese


What I searched: “walrus chicken thighs”

What I got: Liber’s Sack n-Boil


What I searched: “walrus black pepper”

What I got: obsessive compulsive disorder


What I searched: “walrus onion”

What I got: a walrus onion


What I searched: “walrus ras al-hanut”

What I got: Golfer/Jays fan in sunglasses with “Deal With It” printed in front of him. 


What I searched: “walrus saffron”

What I got: optimistic tattooed woman wearing a hat. Gourd.


What I searched: “walrus cinnamon stick”

What I found: a woman trying to be a cinnamon stick walrus


What I searched: “walrus tomatoes”

What I got: Bread and cheese on top of intergalactic space jelly


What I searched: “walrus chickpeas”

What I got: Friedrich Nietzsche


What I searched: “walrus apricots”

What I got: apricot next to a spoonful of intergalactic space jelly


What I searched: “walrus harissa sauce”

What I got: white women


What I searched: “walrus cilantro for garnish”

What I got: map of Massachusetts


What I searched: “walrus tagine”

What I got: panini press


What I searched: “walrus bobby flay”

What I got: Bobby Flay’s head on Lucky (Lucky Charms mascot) next to a blonde woman I wouldn’t be friends with

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