The Facebook interests of a boy I went on one date with

22 Jul

I had a bad job interview and then I saw Madagascar 3 by myself. Then I drank at a bar by myself. I met this guy. We talked about Bowfinger. We went on a second date. We talked about Bowfinger. He brought me Godiva chocolates. He called them “truffles.”

These are his actual Facebook interests. (He defriended me after I told him I didn’t want to go out with him again. No hard feelings, Chirag.)

1. Guitar

2. Music

3. Political Science

4. Keynesian economics

5. Social justice

This picture also came up for “political science”

6. Yoga

He does this.

7. Drumming

8. Weight training

9. Bike riding

Like this but he’s Indian.

10. Sleeping

This guy looks like Mark McGrath.

11. Cool sunglasses

12. Being awake

13. Fortune cookies

14. Being an internet geek

Like this but he’s Indian.

15. Being a Star Wars geek

16. Drinking

17. Bacon

18. Political debate

19. Psychology


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