Product names I dislike

23 Jul

1. Orajel

2. Fancy Feast

3. Lactaid and lactose intolerant people in general just kidding never change

4. Bengay

“Non-greasy cream” I’m throwing up.

5. TomTom

Second base.

6. Funyuns

7. Joy

8. Sunny Delight

9. Mr. Clean


10. Just for Men

LOL. IT’S OBAMA!!!!!!!!!

11. Hyundai

12. Triscuits (I just don’t like Triscuits)

13. Radio Shack (Might not be a brand)

14. Mucinex

Especially anthropomorphized mucus

15. Ped Egg

16. Dulcolax

17. Pretty much every other laxative or “stool softener”

18. Yaz, Yazmin or Ocella

If you or a loved one take Yaz, Yazmin or Ocella call 1800-BAD-DRUG. That’s 1800-BAD-DRUG

19. No! No! Hair

20.  Sea-Monkeys (is the name of the brand)

“World’s favorite InstaPet” Are there other InstaPets? I’m freaking out.

21. Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball

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