Slogans for Teva™

2 Aug

We all know Teva™. The unlikeable sandal. I think they need a new marketing strategy. Here are some brilliant ideas I thought of after crying on the subway…


Teva™: Goes great with a Subaru Outback

Teva™: Have your foot tan match your self hatred

Teva™: They make these in not kid’s sizes?

Teva™: Slightly better than those shoes with toes

Teva™: Granola feet

Teva™: Understand Joni Mitchell

Teva™: Are you Israeli or something?

Teva™: Good luck with that pebble!

Teva™: Lasts 10 years, sadly

Teva™: Don’t look down

Teva™: Get annoying shit caught in the velcro

Teva™: The Merrells are over there

Teva™: Ugly tribal print straps make you look culturally aware

Teva™: Moms for Obama

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