My Wikipedia Page

Zoë [last name omitted for privacy reasons but it could easily be found out if you Googled a few things a few times] is an American [profession omitted]. She is well known from her roles.

Early Life

Zoë was born in New York, NY and lived in Yonkers, NY her entire life. Except for when she went to boarding school for most of her life. At boarding school she frequently spread rumors about other people’s promiscuity which made her well-liked by everyone except a closeted gay person and most of her close friends. She fell in the the “wrong crowd,” spending many days alone.

Later Life

Zoë attended [name of college omitted] college in Ohio. She graduated with a degree in Neuroscience. She then realized she doesn’t like science or people.



Personal Life

Zoë has a very personal life. She occasionally sleeps with men and talks about it constantly. She keeps a Google doc called “list of people i’ve hooked up with” which is a list of people she’s hooked up with. She writes everyone’s name in lower case letters to make herself feel more significant than the people she kisses with her mouth.


first last

She currently resides in her Mom’s attic is single and unemployed. Triple threat.

To contact me, email me!

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